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What to do if your screen doesn't turn on upon the incoming call? Or if it turns on, the phone rings, but the screen for picking up the phone won't show up?

You have selected BIG Phone as a default phone app in your Android phone's system settings. Now, when someone calls you, you can't see who it is as your phone's screen doesn't automatically turn on, or doesn't show the Incoming call screen. Why is this happening and how to fix that?

This scenario happens mostly on Xiaomi phones with the MIUI customization, but can also happen on other brands. Due to agressive power management of the apps and non-standard background process limitations, BIG Phone is killed in the background by the system itself, so it doesn't react at the incoming calls. In default settings background processing simply does not work right and apps using them will break.

How to fix the black screen on the incoming call in BIG Phone app?

1) Go to phone's system settings and choose "Installed apps".


2) In the apps list, search for the "BIG Phone for Seniors" app and choose it.


3) In the app details screen, choose "Other permissions".


4) In the next screen, enable all the options including Show on Lock screen and Start in background.


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